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Do you work in a hotel industry? Do you manage a large hotel chain? Or maybe you run a small boutique hotel?

Regardless of the scale of your business, we do know what a great challenge it is. That is why we have created a mobile application for hotels which will make your hotel management easier, make your guests’ stay more pleasant and facilitate handling of all hotel-related matters via a tablet, in the comfort of your room. Roomio – an interactive service of your hotel guest.

mobile application for hotels
application for hotels service

What is Roomio?

Roomio is a hotel application intended for an interactive and comprehensive service of a hotel guest which turns an ordinary hotel into an extraordinary place, adjusted to every guest’s needs. Modern solutions and individual approach increase the quality of services offered, providing the guests with a sense of comfort and uniqueness. 

Roomio is an easy to operate mobile application for hotels with an intuitive system thanks to which each guest can make his/her stay in the hotel truly pleasant, has an easy access to the offer, can be constantly in touch with the staff and has a round-the-clock services available. The Main Menu of our hotel application has been adjusted so as to make the most important pieces of information and functions available right after the tool is turned on. 

Roomio functionalities

mobile application for hotels with clear menu

Clear Menu

Menu tailored to individual needs of the hotel.

hotel bill preview

Bill Preview

Permanent guests’ access to their bill history. 

hotel on-line orders

On-line Orders

Fast and easy way to choose any hotel service and to book it for a convenient time. 

calendar and bookings

Calendar and Bookings

All culture and entertainment-related events as well as any attractions taking place in the surrounding area gathered in one place.


interactive service of hotel guest


It enables guests to talk with the staff, obtain extra information, ask for any further details on the attractions that might interest them or arrange a meeting with the manager. 

hotel application with messages


Permanent contact with hotel guests thanks to a personalized email box. 

Internet Access in hotel

Internet Access

Roomio allows for undisturbed use of Internet, not influencing the work of the application itself.

control of the devices in the room

BMS – control of the devices in the room

Control of the air conditioning system, lighting or the curtains in the room as well as switching between TV channels thanks to a pilot option. 

application for hotels service

360 Cameras

Check how busy the pool or the restaurant is thanks to the cameras installed in the hotel. 

hotel application with alarm clock

Radio, alarm clock

Listen to the radio at any given time of day and night, and the alarm clock option available will take care of your sound sleep and a punctual wake-up call. 

mobile application for hotels

Personalized Marketing

Sending dedicated offers or messages to the chosen guests only, which allows for catering for the needs of each and every guest and increases the comfort of their stay. 

interactive service of hotel guest

Newsletter and Pop-up

Quick and easy ways to deliver messages to the guests concerning all key pieces of information and the new options available during their stay. 

Staff and Service Management

Staff and Service Management

As the manager you can monitor the execution stages and delegate particular tasks to the employees thanks to ordering option and system integration with other applications. 

hotel survey


Get to know guests’ opinions concerning your hotel, the quality of service and the range of services available thanks to a survey which is fast and easy to fill-in. 

Guests Database analyse

Guests Database

Thanks to the history of operations you will get to know the needs and preferences of your guests, and when they come back, you can welcome them with the offer developed especially for them. 

application for hotels service

Cloud Service

Automatic data saving from a device in cloud will make it possible to access information on guests’ preferences at any time. 

Interface which is modern and easy to use

Too many options? Adjust the menu of the application to the needs of your hotel by choosing only these services which are most important to you. Thanks to this, your guests will have all the key options from the hotel offer available at one click. 


Comprehensive service of guests is not the only innovative solution provided by ROOMIO. It is also a full control over internal organization of staff’s work.

ROOMIO application is integrated with STAFF HELPER system thanks to which the right hotel employee receives information on the guest’s request. Smooth information flow enables one to take actions on the spot, which results in serving the guest in the shortest time possible, and making staff’s work faster and more efficient. The manager knows exactly what is going on in the hotel, and thanks to a constant monitoring of the actions taken by the staff he/she can delegate tasks to particular people and control the status of the actions undertaken entirely. 

interactive service of hotel guest

LSI Software

Thanks to the knowledge and many years of experience gained in the hotel industry, LSI Software has become the leading software producer in the Polish market for retail and hospitality sectors. Roomio has been developed on the basis of our experience and knowledge on hotels in order to cater for the needs of hotel managers and owners.

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